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Ederson has a foot injury and withdraws from Samba.

Ederson, Manchester City’s goalkeeper, injured his foot in the last match in a 4-4 draw with Chelsea and had to withdraw from the Brazil national team. Ederson was call up in goal alongside Alisson . Liverpool’s Becker and Flamengo’s Lucas Perry for the World Cup

‘Ealing-Junior’, the rising Zebra winger.

Tottenham Hotspur are reportedly eyeing Samuel Ealing-Junior. Juventus’ rising star winger before entering the transfer market this January. Angel Postecoglou’s team started this season impressively. Before stumbling in the last two games, losing at home to Chelsea. And most recently lost Wolverhampton Wanderers “Golden Spurs” had to

‘Newcastle fans’ take responsibility for arguing with ‘Trippier’

A Newcastle United fan who clashed with Kieran Trippier after their latest defeat has apologized, admitting he was wrong for his short temper. causing excessive attacks on the players of the beloved team After losing 2-0 to Bournemouth last Saturday, a clip appeared of Trippier reacting

‘Sanchez’ encourages Singha to win UCL tickets.

Robert Sanchez, Chelsea’s goalkeeper, came out to encourage his team to push for a ticket to play in the UEFA Champions League after making an impressive performance in the last period. Chelsea just opened home and equalized with Manchester City 4-4, after previously having just

Manchester City attack to welcome newcomers.

Manchester City attack to welcome newcomers. Summarizing yesterday’s football results with highlights of the match, the Blue Sailboat is still excellent, attacking newcomers Burnley comfortably, the new season’s debut game. English Premier League battle  Yesterday night, there was one match. Which was the opening game between two

Manchester City 3-0 thrashing of Burnley kicks off the Premier League

Manchester City 3-0 thrashing of Burnley kicks off the Premier League season: Player Ratings. Manchester City kick off the season by beating the Premier League champions by beating newcomers Burnley 3-3, managed by their former captain Vincent Kompany. 0 Erling Haaland is still as hot as ever. When Mao

Liverpool trip to Chelsea on Sunday

Liverpool trip to Chelsea on Sunday Paul Merson has given his predictions for the match between Chelsea and Liverpool on Sunday. Paul Merson believes Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool will able to go one point away from Chelsea Stamford Bridge in their first Premier League match of the day. this week The two