Southampton boss reveals the club has a plan to support if they are relegated.

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Southampton boss reveals the club plan to support if they relegate.

Southampton boss Ruben Celles said that the team prepared a plan to deal with every situation. That would occur during the rest of the season. After they have a high chance relegated from the Premier League this season

“Southern Saints” came up to play in the top league last time in the 2012-2013 season. This year is the season. That is most at risk of being relegate again. With three games remaining, they’re eight points behind the 17th-placed side who survived relegation, meaning they have to win every remaining game. and encourage the other team to make the most mistakes for their own survival.

“The club will be presenting plans in the coming days. Or maybe next week how will the team handle the situation? If something happens That’s what the club has to prepare for. I will be able to tell you what it is next week. We have a duty to do our job to be as ready as possible. and maintain the situation for the future for people who will continue to work with the team.”

I am happy to continue working here 10 years. I will my best. But I’m not the one. Who decides on this matter. It’s up to the club to decide. What is happening now is that we need to do our best in the current situation. and move on.”

Southampton With last three games remaining. This season they must win all of them to survive. It consists of Fulham (home), Brighton (away) and Liverpool (home).