Arteta reveals his team is most disappointed.

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Mikel Arteta Arsenal manager Revealed after the game that the team was very disappointed at being eliminated from the Champions League.

The Gunners lost to Bayern Munich 0-1 in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals on Wednesday. In total, Bayern Munich won 3-2 and advanced to the semi-finals. Successful, will meet Real Madrid.

“At the moment the dressing room is full of frustration and disappointment. I couldn’t find the right words to console them. Hopefully I can do it,” the Spaniard told UFABET Sports.

“We are trying to play against a team that is full of experience. Throughout the clash there was only a slight gap. There were times when we looked better. But let them score two goals (in the first match) and that was very damaging.

“You can see that today there were almost zero errors. We made one mistake in defense and conceded a goal. After that, we tried in a different direction. But it’s difficult. Now is the time to be there for the players and support them. Because they brought us to this point.

“It is common for mistakes or magical moments to cause a game to be unlocked. We couldn’t win the first game. which should be possible I think we can do better. Today there were periods where we controlled the game but couldn’t find a moment in front of the box.”