Bellingham is relieved to be able to get past Manchester City.

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Real Madrid midfielder Jude Bellingham admits he is relieved to be able to get past Manchester City.

Real Madrid won on penalties against Manchester City after drawing 4-4 ​​on aggregate in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals on Wednesday, ยูฟ่าเบท allowing Los Blancos to advance to the duel Bayern Munich in the semi-finals.

“Very relieved, you put a lot of energy into the game. I’ve clashed with City before. And they take a lot of energy away from you. Now my legs have no strength.

“It’s extremely difficult, they’re constantly causing problems and moving around all the time. Most teams collapse when City get the better of the game. But we stood up very well.

“I never thought about my start [at Real Madrid], I just felt like I was playing for the club. Made for the club badge Hopefully there will be more nights like this.

“Our biggest strength is that he (Carlo Ancelotti) finds ways to make different players play freely. We were not prepared. But he fills you with confidence and calmness. He told me to get on the field and get him excited.

“You have to look at it as a responsibility and not a pressure if you want to play for a team like Real Madrid. Today it’s about the mentality. It’s beautiful. My brother came to watch the game today. It was the first time he saw me play for Madrid.” Bellingham said.