Ederson has a foot injury and withdraws from Samba.

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Ederson, Manchester City’s goalkeeper, injured his foot in the last match in a 4-4 draw with Chelsea and had to withdraw from the Brazil national team. Ederson was call up in goal alongside Alisson

. Liverpool’s Becker and Flamengo’s Lucas Perry for the World Cup qualifying battle against Colombia, with Argentina’s Argentinian goalkeeper, 30, on the field full time. ยูฟ่าเบท

But towards the end of the game at Stamford Bridge, his left foot hurt. Until finally “Samba” confirmed their withdrawal by calling Bento Krepski from Atletico Paranaense, their home league, to replace him.

“The Manchester City and Ederson medical teams contacted us after the game against Chelsea,” Rodrigo Lasmar, the Brazilian national team doctor, revealed. “Ederson injured his foot at the end of the game

. He continued to play until the end. But later the symptoms were very severe. Until walking is difficult Therefore, the coaching staff decided to look at options that were more available.”

Since the end of the World Cup at the end of last year. Fernando Diniz’s team has always chosen to use Ederson as their number one in place of Alisson. And it is expected that this It might be an opportunity for the “Reds” to show their skills.

In about two weeks, Manchester City will return to compete in an important match at home to host Liverpool. It is still unclear whether Ederson will be able to recover in time or not, but Stefan Ortega is ready to replace another player from the team

. Table top Gabriel Jesus is injured and has not been a striker for Arsenal since the end of last month. But he was still summoned back to his homeland. In order for the medical team to evaluate again whether they are ready to enter the field or not.