Kane is happy to reach the Champions League semi-finals.

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Bayern Munich striker Harry Kane reveals he is happy to reach the Champions League semi-finals.

Bayern Munich won at home against Arsenal 1-0 in the Champions League quarter-finals Promotion ufabet, second leg on Wednesday. In total, Bayern Munich won 3-2 and advanced to the semi-finals.

“Yes, it was an incredible win. It’s been a difficult season for us. We have to fight and do it again,” the English striker Kane told UFABET Sports. 

“We know the team can make a difference with the fans in the stadium. It was a tough game, a close game, it was a really good goal from Josh (Kimmich), getting into the semi-finals. It is a great achievement for us. And we can have fun with it.

“I think games like this need to be played calmly in the first half. We said at half time that we wanted to raise the level of play, be more aggressive. We hit the goal box a couple of times. And should make it easier for yourself to find work. But these games are always tough battles. And you just have to get over it.

“The expectation here is to try and win the Champions League. We’ve been winning the league for 11 years, so we’ve lost our rhythm a bit. That cannot happen. Now we have to enjoy the Champions League and try to get ready for Saturday’s game.”