Manchester City attack to welcome newcomers.

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Manchester City attack to welcome newcomers.

Summarizing yesterday’s football results with highlights of the match, the Blue Sailboat is still excellent, attacking newcomers Burnley comfortably, the new season’s debut game.

English Premier League battle  Yesterday night, there was one match. Which was the opening game between two top-flight champions, Manchester City. Who traveled to second-tier champions, Burnley, at Turf Moor. Report from ทางเข้า ufabet

Summary of football results Premier League last night 11 August 2023

Burnley 0-3 Manchester City

(Haaland 4, 36 Rodri 75)

Beginning to not be ready, the visiting team showed their superiority and took the lead early from the moment when Rodri headed De Bruyne’s open ball for Erling Haaland, the old one to continue shooting from the 4th minute. After that, it was still City who had more possession of the ball to attack and received two goals in the 36th minute from the same Haaland.

Who spun left in the penalty area, the type that the goal was out of the right to save. Before the second half, Rodri came to shoot at close range, giving the team a lead of 0-3 minutes, 75 in injury time, Burnley down to 10 people from the moment Aness Saruri went to open the button on Kyle. Walker was sent off by a red card before the end of 90 minutes, a beautiful victory for the Blues in their debut game of the season.